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I purchase xplane 2 months ago. I was charged 3 times because the download did not work.

James Griffin

1303 sussex st

St marys ga, 31558

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Hi James,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I take it that you want a refund on the extra monies paid out for the additional versions of X-Plane you supposedly acquires. An easier and cheaper method may have been to download the demo and try X-Plane. If it worked then you would need to officially purchase the software and then applied the product key provided at the time of your purchase. One download (if successful) and then only one purchase. 

On the assumption you have purchased the official version of X-Plane from Laminar Research this forum is not the venue to ask for a refund.  Others prior to you with a similar problem wanting a refund of some type have been advised accordingly.  This forum is for those flight simmers having problems running the software.

You should contact Laminar Research in a direct manner either by email or by phone whereby you will need to provide full details of your purchase(s).  Try the contact at [email protected]  If you  peruse the Laminar Research web site you will find phone contact details.

If you have the steam version, where you go to I have no idea.  The steam version is not the official version developed by Laminar Research.  It is a hybrid developed by another 3rd party taking a commercial advantage of the work done by Laminar.  There is no connection or association between either party.

Good luck in solving you problem.