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Hi. I have an issue and, after a long time looking for the solution, I couldn't fix it: when i'm flying over clouds, no problem if i'm watching straight ahead or at a smooth angle, but if I look down the mountains, a white artefact appears, as if a continuous, opaque and flat cloud fill in the valleys, as you can see at the picture. The artefact becomes bigger as the view tilts down. As you can see at the pictures, the issue appears when I see the cloud-terrain contact line from above but not when I see it from below and it persists even after disabling all the plugins and all custom sceneries, libraries, etc. xEnviro or SkyMAXX have never been installed here.

Thank you very much.

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What are your weather settings when you see this? It could be a combination of low altitude cloud layers and / or low visibility settings.
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I see this when I fly on any scenery with mountains+clouds (I set the "overcast" preset weather option in the pictures). The problem, as you see in the pictures appears along the clouds-mountain contact line only when I look down the ground.
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I tried to solve the problem by installing a second copy of X-Plane in my PC. At the end of instalation, when the installer asked for installing the found update I said "no" and opened X-Plane. The issue seems to be solved.

But! When I updated from X-Plane, the problem came back!!!

It's crazy!
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This appears to be a long standing bug--it goes back at least to 11.05. It is filed as XPD-8994. You can watch release notes for it to be listed as fixed.
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Ok. So I should wait for an update to fix the bug, shouldn't I?

Thank you very much.
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Yes it will probably require an update with a fix. It could take a while for the fix however, depending on what other priorities the company & developers have, and how involved it is to fix.