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Somehow, when importing Navigraph into the correct X-Plane folder, it manage to get associated with Adobe Acrobat reader and now all .DAT files are being linked Adobe!

I'm using WIN 10 Pro and despite several attempt to get MS to give me a useable fix, I've still got this 'association' to the .DAT files and can't remove it.

Is there any other App or default Windows program (Notepad perhaps?) that I can use and set, so that X-Plane can read the data and I can get back to flying again?



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Hi TG,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I am not familiar with Navigraph so I cannot give a definative answer but what your problem suggests to me is:

1.  X-plane has not been loaded into its own dedicated directory either on the desktop or dedicated drive; and/or

2.  Adobe Reader is running in the background as part of your PC bootup process and captures the files as you try to save them.  Disable this process and try again to save after a shut down and restart (not a reboot as that will only give you a shortened shutdown process).

You may have some corrupted x-plane files as well.  Others in this forum who have had corrupted files have been advised to run the installer program which will check your files and over-rite any damaged files.

Good luck