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I a musing X-Plane for training and research, and I ask people to fly an airplane while I record their voice and video of their flight using the default x-plane Video recorder.

I tried watching some of the videos today along with the audio that I recorded using separate software, and all videos end before the audio recordings, which leads me to believe that video recordings are playing at a faster than normal rate. Is this normal, and is there a way to play X-Plane video at normal speed?

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There are two things to check: the video recording settings and FPS. If the sim is running at low FPS, it can't run in real time, which would probably affect the video recording as well. I believe min frame rate for real time is around 20-25.
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Hmm, that may be it. It's an older system, so I'm getting around 20 fps usually. So assuming that the video slowed down because of that, is there a way to figure out how much slower it is compared to real time? I didn't know that X-plane does that unfortunately.

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