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is there a way to share your own flight recordings with other x-plane users?

I'm using the record option often to review all my mistakes during a landing or takeoff. Better would be, I would see how you are flying or share my flight with you and tips.

It looks like that it is not a big deal to get the records, but I do not try to share this data.

Maye someone can tell me of it is possible or it has to be implemented,

From my point of wie, this is a great feature!

Cheers, Sel Rider

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X-Plane offers a number of ways to save and share a particular flight. These are:

  • Situations, which note the current location, environmental conditions, and properties of the aircraft in use.
  • Replays, which store a “recording” of your entire flight since the last load. These are only replayable in X-Plane, but they have the advantage of being made up of X‑Plane data points storing your aircraft’s location, so you can change your views during the replay.
  • Screenshots, which store an image of a single moment in your flight and are viewable on any computer.
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Thanks a lot!

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