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Did not downloaded all the world scenery. Now I want to fly around the world and system noted that I do not have enough disk space. What are the South America scenery packs maybe I could manually transfer them to different folder on D: and put them back when and if I need them to free some space.

Thanks, Voytek

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Yes, you can move the entire X-Plane 11 folder, provided you do not have the Steam version.
If you have the Steam version, it is still possible to move the files but you would have to do it through the Steam interface.

I am not sure I understand the end of your question concerning South America, but I would not recommend to transfer files from the global scenery. What can be done, though, is to place X-Plane 11 on a fast and "small" SSD and create shortcuts inside custom scenery folder that will target at heavy scenery packages saved on a big and "slow" Hard Drive. Be sure you completely understand name priorities and "Scenery Packs.ini" file before doing so, because it can become complex very quickly.

More details about that here :

Guillaume (not affiliated with Laminar Research)
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Hi Voytek,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The simple answer is yes.

Provided you have loaded X-Plane onto your desktop or as a dedicated directory/folder on your "C" drive then it is a matter of cut and paste to your new location.  this is one of the benefits of X-Plane as it is a dedicated system that does not hide itself within windows directories..

The alternative is to reload the software onto the drive or relocation of your choice and then enter the password key.

Good luck