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X-Plane 11 was working fine until I installed the map overlay for Google Maps. It seemed ok but then the next time I started it, it became unresponsive to the point of force quitting. No amount of trouble shooting resolved the issue.

I reinstalled using a backup from before the map plugin was installed and that did not work so I did a complete uninstall and then reinstalled from the disks. Total clean install. have not yet updated to the latest available version and yet it still locks up. The difference here is that after about 5 minutes it becomes responsive and I can fly. I cannot however change planes or restart a flight without the same thing occurring.

Prior to this I could go from open to flying within 90 seconds, a huge improvement on X-Plane 10. Now however it is almost unusable.

Maybe there is something left over on the Mac from the previous install that I need to remove, but maybe not.

Any hel[p at all would be appreciated.



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If restoring a backup working copy and a new install didn't fix the issue, most likely it's something on the computer itself. Have there been any other changes made on the machine, such as OS updates, or other software installed? Could something be running in the background & hogging system resources?

General troubleshooting steps if X-Plane crashes are: run the update option to fix any missing or corrupt default files, reset to default preferences, and remove any add ons..