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For those of us using X-Plane to help maintain our flying skills, especially IFR, it is very handy to have failures of various instruments and systems occur at unexpected times.  It is far more realistic to have something fail without you expecting it so you have to learn to recognize and debug on the fly, than setting it up so you know it will occur during a particular flight.  

This setup can take some time.  For example I setup failures of IFR critical systems for MTBF greater than reality, but rare enough that they surprise me.  The MTBF varies with the failure, so I get frequent practice with the vacuum system going out, and only occasionally get a bird strike.  I have no interest in most failures listed as they are not realistic or relevant, so setting a global MTBF does not make sense.

Unfortunately X-Plane does not seem to save the failure setup (if there IS some way to save it, please let me know !), so I need to reconfigure failures every flight.  This is not only time-consuming, but somewhat defeats the surprise element of this type of training.

PLEASE add the ability to save a failure configuration that always applies to a particular aircraft!

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Have you tried saving the set up as a .sit file? The failures you have set up will save and reload exactly the same way as the point at which you save the .sit file. I believe we don't save failure set up between flights or restarts of the sim because it would be easy to forget what is set up, and therefore think you have a bug instead.
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I looked at .sit files, but unfortunately that saves everything including the location and weather.  I use X-Plane for training and currency, and "fly" once or twice a week.  The point is to remain comfortable with flying different approaches in a variety of conditions. There is no benefit to flying from/to the same airports in the same weather, so every flight I pick a departure and destination that have IFR procedures or other conditions I want to practice, then setup weather to make it challenging.  As I mentioned originally, I want realistic failures to come up unexpectedly, so setting them up each flight defeats the purpose.

If you are concerned about people forgetting they configured failures for the plane, then perhaps you can add an option to make them the default for the plane or just for this one flight.

Being able to configure a plane permanently like this would help make X-plane a more valuable tool for this type of realistic practice/training scenario.