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Our sim (X-Plane 10) is used for multiple airplane types.  Some use a joystick and some use a yoke.  Our computer provides only one USB port for connecting either a stick or a yoke, so we've added a USB hub to avoid having students mess with connecting/disconnecting wires on the computer ports.  The stick is permanently connected, the yoke may on occasion be disconnected and reconnected to the exact same USB port on the hub via an extension cable.  

We've mapped specific buttons on the stick to custom views using the "memorize" method described elsewhere and saved them to "Plugins->X-Assign->Save->aircraft set 1".  We can shut off the sim, restart it and the new custom settings are still there.  

We've tried doing the same with the yoke and saved these settings to "Plugins->X-Assign->Save->aircraft set 1" or "aircraft set 2".  However, when the sim is restarted the new settings are gone.  The stick assignments are still there.  Are we missing a step somewhere?



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X-Assign is a third party plugin so I cannot help troubleshoot it.

X-Plane 10 can only save one device set up at a time in preferences. If you change from a yoke to joystick for example, you will have to start over with your configuration. X-Plane 11.10 includes a new feature to allow you to save different profiles for different joysticks, yokes, keyboard set ups, etc. and saves them between sessions.
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So it seems I wasn't crazy -- X-Plane 10 can't save more than one device at a time.  Thank you.  I will try again when we upgrade to X-Plane 11.