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Scenery not properly depicting airport in the United States.  Questions above do not cover my topic.  Taxi ways and buildings do not show up at this airport accurately.

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Many versions ago, X-Plane automatically generated scenery for all world airports. This scenery typically included the runways and one taxiway, and it usually wasn't based on real life. When we started the Airport Scenery Gateway, all of these got uploaded there as the base for our airport data. 

KEKM's Gateway page is here. Since the artist is listed as WEDbot you can tell it is this old inaccurate default scenery. No artist has worked on this airport to improve it. 

If you would like to see this changed, the fastest way is to download the free WED software and update the scenery yourself. Then register as a Gateway artist and submit your work so it can possibly be included in an update for everyone to benefit from.