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I read here that the installer had some issues and I was hoping that the newest update solved the problem. I have only water around EGLL but when I run the installer to install the scenery it says it will install 0mb.

I have land from EGLC to the East but to the West there is just water.

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The missing scenery alert should tell you exactly what tile you are missing. Can you confirm it is actually missing from your global scenery folders? 

Please run the installer again and make sure the area you're missing is still selected. Progress through the download (if applicable) and then check your X-Plane global scenery folder to see if the file has been replaced. The installer is supposed to realize it's missing and replace it. 

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Thank you for your answer. I checked the tiles. the folder +50+000 was there but the file +51+001 was not. There were other files missing as well.

To "solve" the situation, I unchecked Europe, in less than 5 seconds the installer told me the scenery had been uninstalled. Then I selected Europe again. The installer told me I needed 6+ GB free to install the scenery. I accepted and went on. Unfortunately my internet connection is so bad so I let it work over night. When I woke up the installer had been interrupted and it didn't give me any option to continue so I had to close everything.

I restarted the sim and I finally have EGLL but I am assuming I have the same problem in other areas because I can see that most folders go from 320mb to 800+ data while I have some which only have -10mb

I know Laminar Research clearly states that in order to buy the digital edition, a reliable internet connection is a must. But I wish there were other options to download the scenery package like a torrent.

Anyways thank you again for your help.