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Demo fails to start without giving reason. My system: Lenovo X220, i5 - 2520M (2.5GHz), RAM 4GB,  Intel HD Graphics 3000, 64 bit, Win7. - What is the liging factor here? Is it sufficient to go to 8GB RAM?

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Hi EagleEye,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The demo version of X-Plane is the same and becomes the full blown version when you purchase the software and enter the product key number when and where required. 

Had a look at the Specifications of your machine which can be found at

Have a look at the specifications requirements for running X-Plane at

Is your laptop a gaming machine?  X-Plane is heavy on resources and generates a lot of heat requiring fans to cool the system whether it be a laptop or PC.  Good gaming laptops have internal fans otherwise it will crash on a regular basis.

My observation is that unless you have the i5 CPU overclocked to run in excess of 3.0 GHz it does not meet the minimum requirements.  You will certainly need the additional RAM.  You are restricted to 8 GB and needs to be as fast as possible.  Your machine is restricted to 1333 MHz

Does the unit have a dedicated graphics card installed?  I don't think so.  There are comments in other areas of this forum where this is also a requirement.  Also check the minimum X-Plane requirements.

My final observation is that you have a 12.5 inch screen.  I am of the opinion that you may have some difficulty in viewing X-plane.  Again there are comments elsewhere in this forum recommending the minimum laptop screen size be in the order of 17 inch.  Good gaming laptops have an absolute minimum of 15.6 inches and generally a 17 inch screen

Others may and possibly will have an alternative opinion to my observations.  Good luck.


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Hi Glenn,

thanks for your helpful answers and comments. I seems that X-Plane is much more power and resource demanding thant FSX, which I have been running on my Lenovo X220 being connected mostly to a 24 inch external monitor. - I guess the only way to get hands on X-Plane will be setting up my tower PC accordingly. I hope it will be worthwhile.