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I am new in X-plane 11. I have installed it without any problem any bought a Saitek Yoke System and connect to it.

All settings of Saitek Yoke is working ok, and some ones can be handled by mouse also.

 During first fly I realized that some of instruments can not been set / activated. E.g. I can set desired altitude,  air speed, heading but can not activate them... that's the same with barometer and Flight Director also.

Pls help me as flying without these instruments is not possible.

Thx in advance.

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What aircraft are you using?

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I have forgotten to mention that I can not activate AP modul at all, but that's valid for some other instruments also. (e.g. Barometer)

I am flying with B737-800, but it was part of the official package so it is not any add-on bird.

I am afraid it is some generral user interface problem... but do not know.


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Hi Peter,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Attach the log.txt file generated immediately after the crash or you shut down so others can see the possible problem.

By the way disregard the link from CharlesArvin.  It could be a malware sting.