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Hi, it looks like I lost ability to click on the right side of the screen. In the beginning it happen only on the far right and my mouse sometimes would lock in on the item and when I moved my mouse it changed the values rapidly.  Now is about half of the screen. I changed the aircraft but still mouse is not working.

Please advise, kind regards, Voytek

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Hi Voytek, I am sorry that you are having trouble here. This is not a bug or anything that we are aware of. Does using another mouse produce the same effect?
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Now no aircraft is flyable, there is some kind of issue I reloaded the drivers for my mouse but still can not click on any switch
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Hi - Would you please send us your complete Log.txt file from the X-Plane directory? Thanks!
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Hi could you give me proper email to respond or instruct how to attach file to this?
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Sure! info@x-plane.com is fine - please just include some context. :-) Thanks!

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