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I downloaded and installed the trial version of X-Plane 11 and there's no doubt it is more than my computer can run.  I completely removed it (or so I thought) but my existing X-Plane now 10 takes literally 10 minutes to load, then once it's loaded, the computer is completely overwhelmed.  So much so that my web browser and everything else cannot function.

Did the version 11 change something (a configuration or something else) about my old version?  It used to run fine.  I intend to buy X-Plane 11 once I get another computer but that's not happening right away.  I would like to continue to use X-Plane 10 in the meantime.

BTW, my computer is a MacBook Pro with a 2.5 ghz Intel processor.  I have the latest version of the OS and everything else.

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Hi ffej2ffej,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer who is not a Mac user.

When you loaded the XP11 demo version did you load it into the same X-Plane 10 directory?  XP10 and XP11 are totally different programs and have to be loaded into their own file or directory structure otherwise each system will be corrupted.

As a side issue are you running High Sierra OS as this OS update created problems with X-Plane rather than XP creating problems with High Sierra.  I understand that Apple did or were developing a fix.  Has it been done?  I don't know.

My suggested solution is to full/total removal of XP10 and reinstall.  A lengthy process.

Good luck