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I updated recently to 10.45r2 and now x-plane wants dvd inserted even when I bought key only.  Program worked fine for a few days and today states that dvd preferences failed to save and to insert dvd in order to leave demo area which said dvd, of course, I don't have.


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I restarted computer and this time it asked for product key instead of dvd so all is good. I'm new to this and apologize for waste of time.   C.C.

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OK, I'm glad to hear it fixed itself after restarting! If something like that happens again, you can "force" X-Plane to bring up the product key authorization box by deleting a preference file.

On OS X it’s in users/(username)/Library/Preferences/ -> delete file X-Plane_drm.prf

On Windows the file will be in the user local app data folder, e.g. C:\Users\nnnn\AppData\Local\.

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