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The AP and ILS are working on the 737, the problem is that the AP will not engage when I'm using the FMC. I must be doing something wrong in the FMC or is there a step IM missing connecting the FMC to 737 AP?
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When I free flight, I am able to use the ILS, its in the nav1 display and see the ils on the display, I am able to land with ILS.  the issues seems to be that when I use the FMC or ATC the ILS will not display? IS this a BUG?

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Problems like these have been reported on this site a few times, and I believe the update 11.20 has fixed the FMC not functioning correctly. Can you send in a log.txt please? If not, you can submit a bug report. Here's the link: http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html . Best of luck!

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