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just bought a PC 12 and a PC 24 cant get the activation keyI have the ID # but that's not enough plane works but really cant fly it every thing in side will not work

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Hi old1lou2,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer down under.

I think you are on the wrong website.  This forum site is for asking questions and or raising problems regarding the use of the X-Plane software.

My understanding of your question is you are having problems with 3rd party add-on aircraft software for use within X-Plane 11.  If so, you should raise the problems with the supplier or developer.

If the supplier was from or through then you should raise the problem with them.  There is no commercial link between them and (Laminar Research).  The following link may be of some assistance at to help solve your dilemma.

Hope you can solve your problem very quickly.


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