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I downloaded the demo version of X-Plane to check how the program behaves on my hardware.
During the first tests a message appeared asking me to raise the FPS, but I can not find the item "Setting" in the menu to try to improve the situation. I ask you if the setting menu is not present in the demo version or if I have to use a different method to change the FPS.
I inform you that I use a 13-inch MacBook pro Retina (late 2013) with I7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and SSD 256Gb. I use this computer connected to a 43 inch external 4K monitor that the Macbook can drive at 30Hz as well. The operating system is High Sierra.
If, as I am thinking, I can not access the Setting because the Demo version does not allow it, I ask you if you think that my hardware may be able to execute the X-Plane program and in particular if I buy it I can use satisfactorily with the 43-inch 4K monitor that I normally use to run all other programs. Tell me also if, when I use X-Plane it is better to set a different definition from the one I usually use that is 3840 × 2160 pixels.
Since I do not need DVD discs and have already downloaded the demo version, please tell me if I can save money by buying the full version downloaded online. Thank you and I greet you. Franco Fellicò in Rome Italy

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The demo will perform exactly the same as the full version. Do not buy it if it does not perform well on your computer.

My guess is your computer does not meet minimum hardware requirements. If the frame rate is too low, there will be a long delay when trying to access the menu to change the settings.