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Hi I would like it if you could make it so that if you live in Canada, America, etc that you can fly at least even the Cessna with a small Canadian, or American flag on it?

I love Canada ever so much and it sucks I have done the trail for the air canada plane thing and the control at the top doesn’t work if you can update it for more interactively features for the airliners. -ACA-1336

Email: matj1183@icloud.com

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Hey! Regarding your question about new liveries for the Cessna Skyhawk, you may design your own on Planemaker (just copy the 172 fuselage) and you can paint a livery from there. An alternate way to do this is to search for payware/freeware aeroplanes online. You'll be surprised at how many liveries there are available for the Cessna Skyhawk. Happy flying! -TwelveYearOldPilot

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