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Can you add an A340-600 plane including gate config and all open able doors, including passenger doors and cargo doors.

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How much is that? At least 6 months of full-time work for 5 people?
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Possibly I just hope somemone adds this to x plane 11.
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And what if some developers decide to make it and sell it, let's say $60, are you ready to buy it?

Daily rate for one person on long haul: $400 x 126 days x 5 people = ± $252,000

They will have to sell 4,200 copies to cover the cost. Well that's feasible. Are you ready to invest so each plane sold starting at 4,201 makes the money go into your pocket straightaway? What do you think?
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$400? That's too much, $50 would be enough and sell it for $10.
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So you want to pay a developer $50 per day to work 6 months on a plane?

Or you didn't read well my reply, or you don't even understand the point here.
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It's their problem. $50 per day would be ok, they usually release a bunch of expensive content. I'm not surprised barely anyone buy these planes. $400 per day is stupid.