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Hi all,

I've enjoyed X-Plane 11.0 and 11.10 versions until recently.  I've completed several clean installs with no add-on's (i.e. no add-on scenery, no add-on aircraft or add-on weather).  All default aircraft elevators exhibit a "flappy" behavior so to speak whilst parked at the gate with engines off?  I have not configured any customized Saitek controller settings.  Pretty much basis.  Today I completed a clean uninstall using REVO uninstaller and reverted back to 11.0 however the "flappy" elevator anomaly persists...then to 11.10 and again the flappy elevator issue remains.  Please advise.



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I’m seeing the same buffeting behavior when parked (See smoke puff when parked )

I was thinking it is wind, but I haven’t tried turning weather off to see if it goes away.

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do you have to controls hooked up to pitch and role (2 yokes and or Sticks) if so only have one assigned, also try calibrating your control yoke or stick and if that doesn't work go to the setup page on xplane 11 and look at the little blue dial assigned to pitch and roll and see if it is your joystick that is making it move or if it is just something wrong with xplane, if something is wrong with xplane contact them and if your controller contact them, best hopes Lawson Laslo
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if you need clarification please comment
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Thanks Llaslo!  

I changed the AI settings in XPlane to Zero and strangely it seems to resolve the issue.  I'll reenable the default AI settings and try your suggestions.

Again, thanks!