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Due to a MB crash and system rebuild, I reinstalled my SSD that had Xplane11 on it, deleted the old copy and reinstalled a new copy of xplane11 and updated it to latest version .10.  Reinstalled my add-on aircraft and normally when selecting an add-on aircraft (I use mainly Carenado, Alabeo, JARDesign, etc. payware) I will get the activation window for each aircraft.  This time, none of them reactivate but the aircraft won't operate properly.  Carenado aircraft for example, I can't manipulate the propeller levers, there is no sound, others the instruments are blank indicating need to reactivate but i get no reactivation window.

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Did you restore them from backup or brand new downloads? If they were restored, perhaps they have old information saved. All DRM for third party products is done via plugin and may be handled differently by each developer. There may be a file in the aircraft folder that you need to reset but probably only the developers will know the specific way to fix their DRM.