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This is a very particular issue i've never ran into before.  Due to a MB crash, I rebuilt my PC, reinstalled the SSD drive that had xplane11 on it.  But removed old copy of xplane11 and reinstalled Xplane11 and updated it.  Re-added my add on aircraft but this time, there are no activation windows when I run each aircraft first time.  Normally after reinstalling a add-on aircraft, its activation window would pop up. I've tried regenerating icon, removing and reinstalling each aircraft.  No where is there to be found the activation window for proper operation.  The add-ons from Carenado usually have a three-window option for views at the far left screen and those are missing as well since I can not reactivate aircraft.  This is not a problem of the add-ons I don't believe, but either Xplane11 update or the re-installation of Xplane11 has caused this problem.  Please help!  

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