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I am setting up a physical panel with monitors for the G1000 PFD and MFD and am able to pop-out the respective windows and resize them to fit on the two 1024*768 monitors where they need to go. However, each time I restart X-Plane, I am forced to repeat part of this process since the location of these windows is not properly remembered. Interestingly, it does not revert to the default pop-out location - instead the PFD and MFD appear partially on the respective target monitors and partially on the main display. I have tried saving a situation as well as storing a preset view using the Ctrl + [numpad 5] key but that too does not help retain the window positions.

(photo above shows the clipped PFD and MFD pop-outs on the main display, but panel with dedicated monitors for G1000 is out of view)

Searching online, I was able to infer the Miscellaneous.prf file contains the pop-out window positions but I was not able to figure out exactly how those values need to be tweaked to achieve what I am looking for.  Is this even the right way to go about it? If so, can anyone explain/point me to documentation on how to adjust the values in that file?

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I have the same problem, the pop up g1000 only remember its position in main monitor.

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