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XP11 (Steam) Build ID 1729949, Alienware Aurora R5, GTX 1080 latest driver (V.378.92), Win10 64 bit.

3 x 24" monitors @ 5760x1200 plus 22" on top. Configured top as "unused" in XP11. With C172, put Map on top monitor then put GPS530 window there also. They seemed to merge and while trying to separate them hit the "minimize" gadget on the GPS530 window and it disappeared. Would not come back even after multiple re-starts and re-boots. Panel 530 works OK but no pop-up. GPS 430 does pop-up. GPS530 in Baron also will not pop-up.

Checked validity of file on Steam properties pages and one file is shown to have failed consistently even after opening XP11 and immediately exiting. Any way to reset the 530 pop-up location?

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I believe we keep the status and basic location of all windows in preferences so we can restore them between sessions. If you cannot find the GPS pop out, you should be able to "reset" it by clicking the instrument in the panel. That should restore it to a single window inside X-Plane.

If that doesn't work, the nuclear option is to restore default preferences. Try deleting X-Plane Window Positions.prf first (found in the X-Plane folder > Output > Preferences) or the entire preferences folder.
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Thanks for answering. I've been clicking on the GPS530 in the panel but it doesn't come back in either the C172 or Baron 58 since it was minimized.

I copied the X-Plane Window Positions.prf file then deleted the original and restarted X-Plane but the 530 pop-up still doesn't appear. The 430 works OK.

I had a similar problem with my Epson scanner s/w where the preview screen wouldn't show up. I finally found it by switching to a single screen resolution.

So I tried running X-plane on a single screen and with two screens active but still no luck. I also clicked around the window edges to see if it was just off screen.

It's not a big deal since the 530 still works in the panel and clicking from the 4th monitor to the main screen causes it to blank then redraw over a few seconds.

But it's handy in FSX to store the GPS, ATC, kneeboard, etc. on the 4th screen. Are there other preference files I should try? I'd rather not have to reset all my

yoke, pedal, and quadrant settings. Thanks again.


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I was not able to reproduce this at all with the LR version. I was able to restore the minimized window by clicking on the panel GPS twice, or I could find it by using alt + tab.
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I finally found the answer. The floating position of the GPS 530 is saved in the Miscellaneous PICS Rules File in the preferences directory. It was set to a position below the visible screen (P pilot-530 gps_floating_loc 1246||0||1245||540). Going from the 430 dimensions, I changed the line to read "P pilot-530 gps_floating_loc 327||244||1127||784".

It works fine now. On an unrelated problem, after getting a Saitek switch panel, I had to manually add the Saitek plug-in to the X-plane plug-in directory. X-Plane couldn't find it in the Saitek directory. Thanks,