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Hi !

It is time for me to make the next step -> switch from FSX to XPlane 11.

New Computer is ordered and also the Airfoillabs 172...

But - which Airliner would you buy?

I am thinking about:

- Flight Factor 757

- Flight Factor 767

- IXEG 737

- FlyJSim Dash 8 Q 400

Which is simulated at its best?

AND: I want to use some saitek products (radio panel, switch panel, multi panel) with this Airliner... ;)

Thanks a lot !

Best wishes, Volker.

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I VERY highly recommend the BN-2 Islander (AWESOME for flying around small islands!) or the Zibo 737. Both come with a price tag, but it's totally worth it! Any Flight Factor aircraft is a great choice as well! Here's a link to the BN-2 if you're interested:

Best of luck and happy flying!
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Hi Volker,

Welcome to the world of X-Plane.

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

My advice is not to progress to an airliner in the immediate situation.  Install X-plane and acquire your Saitek products and get used to the software in what it can and can't do.  Utilise the aircraft that are made available with the package to create your new knowledge base.

From what I know about FSX, X-Plane is a totally different package and even between XP10 and XP11 there is a difference.  FSX and earlier versions are a "game" package whereas X-Plane is a "simulation" package.

From all of the Youtube sites I peruse I understand the Airfoils lab Cessna 172 package is the "bees knees" (top of the range). Again get use to the 172 package supplied with X-Plane then setup the Airfoils package and when confident in using X-plane go for your Airliner package.

Good flying.