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Which machine the MAC or the PC would give the best results for X-Plane 11?I am buying a new machine for X-Plane specifically.

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Hi divyesh,

There are comments within this forum and other forums making mention that MACs don't handle X-Plane too well.

I also understand that you can purchase/build a higher spec PC for the same money you pay for a MAC whether it be a PC or laptop.

For better performances with graphics go for Nvidia rather than AMD.  Comments in this forum and other forums and or Youtube videos make the same comments.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Glenn.i will go through this forum.Do you suggest the custom computers from X-Force?
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I own two $2,000+ Mac's and neither one of them will run X-Plane 11 any good at all. I'm a die hard Apple fan and have always despised PC's, but I am currently building my own just to run X-Plane 11. My setup is as follows. You can build this for around $530. It meets all the suggested requirements for X-Plane 11.

CPU: AMD FX-4350

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 (Nvidia Chipset)

SSD: Mushkin Enhanced ECO2 2.5" 240GB SATA III

Motherboard:  MSI Gaming 970 Gaming

RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series (16 GB)
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Hi divyesh,

I don't know where you live so I cannot direct you specifically to a particular company.  Further more I don't have any connection with these companies.

If you live in the USA have a look at the systems developed for flight simulation by X-Force PC.  This company is the recommended company for the supply of PC's by Laminar Research.  They have many variations on packages for flight simulation.  They will also custom build for you. If you live outside the USA freight charges are quite high.

Considering that I live down under so how do I know?  Have a look at the following link providing several YouTube videos.  Michael discusses many of their packages as well as providing other good information.  The link is at

If you live in the UK have a look at a company called Wired2Fire and can be found at  This link shows their X-Plane systems.

On another forum it has been said this company is "first class" particularly looking after a customer's needs.

Hope this all helps.



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I am a lifelong Mac user for audio/music production, as well as video editing and web design. But none of the Macs I have owned (including high end Mac Pro towers) have been able to run X-Plane at very high rendering settings with a decent framerate.

I purchased 3 PC's from X-Force PC specifically for my home flight sim and have been very happy with the results and support. Michael at X-Force PC is very helpful and responsive to any issues and can customize any machine to meet your needs and price targets. I have his higher end machine for my master machine with a 4K TV, all the Saitek panels, etc., and two of the mid-tier machines for the side views at 1080p.