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Hi, I use the other serious sim for more then 30 years now and i wanted to try X-Plane.

I downloaded the demo and calibrated my PFC yoke and rudder. The Yoke has a USB connection to the PC and the rudder is connected into the Yoke by a serial connection.

I am able to calibrate all the axis, but the rudder axis only to the left side, it has a fully right input from itself without me doying anything wich (by giving left rudder) i can center and can get fully left. I let the calibration proces center all axis after calibration, but the rudder will not center.

When i fly after calibration the rudder is centered when i startup the flight, but as soon as i touch the rudder it spikes fully right and stay like this.
I can get it into the center again (by applying pressure on the pedals to the left), but that is fairly unrealistic. because i will have to keep constant pressure to the left rudder pedal.

I did a search for hours on the fora, but did not find any answers, i did find some posts about serial PFC yokes....but mine is USB (with the rudder connected into the yoke by serial connector).

Checking the input at the "data" tab in X-plane showed me that right rudder input is not giving any action into the sim.

(the PFC yoke with rudder is working flawlessly in the mentioned other simulator)

Will there be there any solution?



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