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I tried the demo few days back, everything was working just fine in VR. Now i bought the full game on steam for 65€ and I can't use the game (in VR) anymore, since clicking on the virtual buttons is not working. The colour of the rays is blue when I point on to the buttons, when I point anywhere else it is green and will get thicker when I pressed it completely. the buttons also press down in on the ingame 3d model of the controller, they just won't do anything It's working in 2D/nonVR mode though.

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I resolved the issue by completely removing all the xplane related data (via the file manager). It may have something do do with having had installed the demo and some information not being correctly 'transfered' to the steam installation.
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I've been simming weekly for the last half-year with no problems - X-Plane 11 is fantastic - but suddenly I can't select anything in VR menus via the trigger - the trigger is ineffective.  This makes the sim unusable.  I can see the trigger animation responding in VR, and the trigger buttons work as normal in Oculus VR home screen.  Everything loads as normal with X-Plane 11, which I've been using weekly and used as normal this week, but pulling the Oculus Rift triggers won't select menu items.  There have been no hardware or software updates/changes.  I'm trying to continue my weekly practice regimen while in flight school and this is very frustrating.
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Hi Hugo,

I presume the downloaded demo version was from Laminar Research and if you had paid for the full downloaded version then all you needed to do was enter the provided password key and you would have had the "full blown" version.

The steam version is a 3rd party product that eventually ends up as X-Plane.  Updates are a lot slower to become available whereas the Laminar Research version will give you an immediate update when available.

So, you have 2 versions on your computer and possibly loaded one over the other.  There is your problem.  Steam does not mix with the Laminar Research version and vice versa.  I suggest you delete all files and start a fresh installation to ensure you don't have any corrupted files.

I don't support a steam version.

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Same issue as #19462 - not solved yet.