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I would like the ability to twist knobs similar to SimAVIO and Air Manager.  For example, when you tap on the knob when using a touchscreen, you can then drag your finger away from the center and rotate in a spiral gesture around the center of rotation. This may also be an effective solution when using motion controllers in VR.  Currently, it is very hard for me to tune a frequency or enter an ICAO in the flight plan using the twist motion of my wrist.  Hovering my arm in the air while twisting is very  shaky and unstable.  With the spiral motion, you can move further away from the center of rotation to reduce the sensitivity of rotation.

On a side note, I am VERY happy with the ergonomic yoke implementation in VR.  I fly better now with helicopters than ever before.  What a difference!!  Nice work LR!

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Thank you for the suggestion.

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