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Hello, I've recently upgraded to the newest Xplane11 update 11.10. and found that my 2D panel throttle animation has ceased to operate.  I am currently using the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Dual Throttles and Control Panel along with the joystick that matches they function properly and calibration isn't an issue because they output thrust and fly regularly.  I believe the issue lies somewhere between the two professionally licensed copies of Xplane working as a master and slave not syncing correctly.  however, other instruments are working such as HUD information displaying accurate speed and altitude, yet the 2D panel throttle will not animate at all.

  I have ran the slave machine by itself without the master and used a keyboard to increase speed for takeoff and the animation works, but because it is the slave machine I knew it wouldn't take off since the master has all of the flying instruments attached to it.  I'll also note that I am running touch screen monitors on the slave machine and all functionality has cased to operate (just activating buttons on the 2D panel) as well even if they are calibrated properly and function within windows.  Before I updated all of my machines these functions worked properly and with 11.10.0 some of the functions stopped and I could really use your help.  I also must be blind because I can't find the insert file button for my xplane logs.

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We have an open bug for the states of some switches and instruments not updating between the master & slave machines. If this bug was introduced between updates, it will unfortunately be with us until we can get a fix out. It sounds like this was introduced in 11.10--is that correct?

If you have a backup of the older version of X-Plane you may want to go back to it until a fix is available if this is a major issue for you.