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Dear Support, i have not been playing this game in my pc since i purchased XP11. Because it always stuck at Green Grey Black & While screen during start up. My PC is using Windows 7 (64 bits). 

Appreciate if anybody can advise. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

See picture below. 

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It could be a GPU issue--is your graphics card up to date? Does it meet the system requirements? Do you have Fly Inside installed? For any other help we will need to see a copy of the log.txt after running X-Plane and seeing this.

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hi Jroberts, thank you for your comment. 

Hope you can advise further by evaluate info below.

1) See my Log Text.  :

2) I do not use 3D equipment. So i suppose i do not need to install FlyInside right ?

3) i check my GPU and it shows its driver date is 26/5/2015, and up-to date, as below. 

4) Vram info

Thanks again.

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Hi howgyang,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

As Jennifer (jroberts) from Laminar Research, has advised you need to check the reference given for the system requirements.  I have looked at your Log.txt file and I am of the opinion that your graphics "card" does not meet the system requirements and has very little memory.  My understanding is it should have at least 4GB of VRAM

Do you have a dedicated graphics card or are you connected to your motherboard (MB)?  If connected to the MB then you need to install a dedicated graphics card.

X-Plane 11 is very resource hungry relying on good GPU and CPU capacities.

In recent times, back through this forum, jroberts has provided a detailed response to another flight simmer having a similar problem with their graphics card while.trying to run X-Plane.  You may chose to scroll back through some of the postings within the last couple of weeks (?).

Good luck.