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Upon starting the demo in vr mode with an oculus rift CV1 the left and right headset movement is inverted. Ie. if I look left the screen moves to look right and the inverse happened looking right.

Any ideas?
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Same here. In the Cessna take off tutorial. Clicking through the prompts with the mouse bought back proper head movement. The prompts cannot be seen inside the HMD. But I did take off and land a Cessna first time without crashing so this issue is trivial to overcome for someone like me ;p. After further testing even after getting proper head movement in the tutorial I could not manipulate the cockpit properly. I will be using a monitor for the tutorials then.

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This is not something we've heard other reports of. Have you tried quitting & restarting everything (X-Plane, Oculus Home, etc)? Tried restarting the computer? There can be a lot of dependent processes to make it all work, so sometimes restarting the computer is the simplest way to get a clean start. 

Do resetting to default preferences help at all? If nothing has, you can file a bug report here with a copy of the log.txt. 

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I've seen one more report in the forums I messaged this person and they said they were unable to find a solution and ended up getting a refund on their copy.

I've restarted a few times and haven't tweaked any settings since installing. Very odd. Will file a bug report.