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Hi there,

I recently purchased a 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 in Australia for US$200.00.  It's configuration is dual 2.8GHZ Quad Core Xeon 5462 CPU's.  32 GB FB-DIMM PC6400  800 MHZ RAM.  Gigabyte Windforce GTX770 OC 2 GB graphics card.

Running X Plane 11 on a 19" Samsung monitor at native 1440 by 900 resolution.  My question is why the frame rate does not increase or decrease significantly in relation to graphics settings?  I run Visual effects at max, Texture Quality at 2 GB or high, Number of world objects High, reflection detail minimal, Antialiasing 4XX, No parked aircraft, No shadow on scenery.  

At this setting I get 20 fps on runway and 30-35 fps at altitude on cruise in Boeing 737-800.  However if I drop all the above settings to minimum I get 25 fps on runway and 40 fps at altitude on cruise in Boeing 737-800 .

Using Hardware Monitor it shows the GTX 770 power draw as 35 watts PCIE slot, 30-35 watts PCIE booster cable #1 & 35-45 watts PCIE booster cable #2.  This card has a TDP of 225 watts.  It appears X Plane is not very demanding of my GPU.  WHICH IS GOOD!!!!!!  And the simulator runs very well indeed considering this machine is 10 years old!!

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