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I have an Eclipse Yoke and it used to work fine.  I am not sure if it has anything to do with me upgrading to El Capitan on my mac, or updating X-plane but I can't get X-plane to discover the yoke... when I go in calibrating the yoke, X-plane just doesn't seem to know it's there.

Any idea?

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Have you tried any basic troubleshooting? Try things such as:

  • Unplug USB yoke & plug in again, then restart X-Plane
  • Switch yoke to another USB port
  • Moving, renaming or deleting preferences folder then restart X-Plane & recalibrate yoke
There are some known problems with X-Plane and El Capitan. 
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Where is the preference folder?  I don't have a preference Folder in my X-Plane folder.  I did try to disconnect USB yoke a few times with  no success.  

I'll try to poke around in the folders.

Thanks for the help
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Ah yes I found the preference folder and moved it.  That didn't work.  The OS does see the Yoke as it shows up in the list of USB devices.  X-Plane just doesn't seem to discover it.  Very frustrating.  

I keep getting updates for X-Plane but none of them fixes the issue.  I can't believe I am the only one with this issue...??


Here is the log file, I don't see much info that can help me, maybe someone can make something out of it: 



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Unfortunately, between the Laminar Research employees, we have not yet been able to recreate any issues with X-Plane 10, El Capitan, and flight hardware. We've tried CH Products yoke & rudder pedals, Saitek equipment, and a Thrustmaster joystick.

I have not seen your log.txt to see if you have a lot of third party addons installed. Plugins can interfere in all sorts of ways. If you do have a lot of additional aircraft/plugins/scenery, etc, you can try to determine if one of them is the problem by moving those folders to the desktop. You can also try divide and conquer to narrow down the specific item: remove half and see if the problem persists. Keep removing a chunk of add ons at a time until you find the problem.