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Just bought the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke system.  I have the Yoke, Foot Pedals, Throttle, Trim Wheel, Switch Panel and Comm Stack.  Everything works great except the switch panel and comm stack (radio).  I've tried plugging them into the yoke system, it has power, no results.  I've tried plugging them into the iMac, no results.  This is really frustrating as I was under the impression that it should all be plug in play.  Are there any solutions to this?

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We have heard about many issues with Saitek equipment, X-Plane and El Capitan. I believe one of the QA folks received an answer that the Cyborg joystick at least will no longer be supported by Saitek. I am not sure if that is their response for all equipment or not though.

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Just had the same thing happen to me. You need to get a USB hub (With about 4A of external power) In order for it to work. I am also a mac user :)

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