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I have purchased a Elite AP3000 Panel with Radios , Garman 430 GPS, ADF, DME, in the stack. I have Xplane 10 latest version and I can not get the Elite Avionics Panel 3000 to work or even light up. Have downloaded drivers from Simplugin at $54 and nothing is working. Xplane recognises that the plugin is there but it wont work. Supplier says that Panel worked last time before boxing up for sale. The power light is on at back of panel.

Can any one tell me if and how I should configure this on X plane.

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I'm not familiar with this specific device. X-Plane should be able to use pretty much any USB hardware. You will probably need to set up the buttons on the Buttons: Adv screen. Be sure to press the button first, then pick an assignment. Otherwise, I hope the company you purchased it from can help or has an instruction manual.

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