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The suggested steps did not work, so I blitzed my old install and did a fresh new install. It installed 11.05, then immediately ran the update for 11.20.

The Weather Customize button still does nothing. The Date and Time button in the adjacent window turns a lighter gray when the mouse enters it and it turns to a pointing finger. That doesn't happen on the customize button for weather. The mouse pointer does not change, the shading on the button does not change. It acts as though there is no button there.

I've customized the weather in the previous version without an issue.

Any ideas what I can try?

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Finally "fixed" (made the symptom disappear) this. Under the graphics settings I switched from full screen to windowed and back to full screen.

Customize button in weather now works perfectly again. Weird.
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Additional Info: Each time I start x-plane 11.20 I have to go into window mode then back to full-screen if I want to be able to click the Weather Customize button.
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I cannot believe this is actually still an issue in the new (fantastic) 11.30 version. A bit bummed out. This has been an issue on two entirely different PC's with, one Nvidia and Intel setup and now my new Radeon and Rizen rig... I'm grateful for this workaround but any other workarounds not requiring going in and out of windowed mode?