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I have been running 3 networked machines for a left center right view setup

all was working well till the latest update

now the 3 views display cockpit and instruments correctly and change with POV but world rendering is static at flight start up on slaved machines and working normally on master

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Can you be more specific (or attach screenshots from each machine) about what's different about the scenery between the machines? We have known since at least 11.11 that some things don't always match between master & exvisuals, such as switches, smoke, or ground vehicles.
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the scenery does not change at all on the exvisuals

the view moves as it should and all the instruments are active

ie I start flight and wait for things to sync up, view is correct left (slave) ,center (master), right (slave)

from that point on the exvisuals will display the world in that first frame and not change

so I'm flying with the world as it should be on the center view and left and right I'm still at the end of the runway

the cockpit is active in all three views with instruments updating in real time
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I could not reproduce this with an iMac as master machine & a laptop as external visuals, with either type of view. Check for additional steps required to see this or an add on that might be affecting it. If you find the cause, you can file a bug here: