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Hey guys,

I have lost my tiller steering with the rudder pedals. Also do not have brakes with the IXEG 733.

I have PFC Beech yoke, throttle quad and cirrus rudder pedals. These are older serial port units interfaced with a PCIe serial port card.

I see all the axis in the joystick setup. everything looks fine.

These units worked great in XP10 and have only had an issue with the Flight Factor addons since going to XP11.

The FF757 and 767 had the same issue with no tiller or brakes day one of XP11. Have not been able to fly those at all since switching. 

Any Idea's?

Or is this a bug?

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LR does not have access to any PFC hardware to try to test or reproduce any issues. Our understanding is that PFC no longer supports the serial hardware either. 

This code did not change between 11.11 & 11.20, so it would be very surprising if this update broke the hardware. Or did you change from X-Plane 10 directly to X-Plane 11.20? It would not be surprising if the hardware didn't work at all in X-Plane 11.

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Hey jroberts,

Sorry for being confusing with my header on the post....

This code did not change between 11.11 & 11.20, so it would be very surprising if this update broke the hardware. Or did you change from X-Plane 10 directly to X-Plane 11.20? It would not be surprising if the hardware didn't work at all in X-Plane 11.

The update to 11.20 did not break the PFC cirrus rudder pedals...the PFC hardware is working great, as I stated above, all the axis are showing in the sim. I am able to calibrate everything, set limits, chose throttle, (i/e Kingair, 2 engine jet, 3 engine jet) all is as it was before.

I did not go from XP10 straight to 11.20. I went from 11.11 to 11.20..I did save a copy of 11.11 and the tiller works....so something must have changed with the tiller being tied to the rudders in 11.20...that is what I was asking....Was something change to separate the tiller so folks could assign that to a separate controller axis? If so is here a way to tie the tiller to the rudders?

If one can not taxi one can not fly....

I guess I can try hooking up my Saitek X55 and using just the twist axis for the tiller and disable everything else...

any help is appreciated. 



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How exactly is this set up in Settings? What axis is it assigned to? Are you using the profile you expected?
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Hopefully this will explain whats going on....


I'm not to good at making video's but here it goes...
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A developer and I took a look at the video, and it is clear something is going on. The axes and yoke in the background freak out at the same time. It almost looks like X-Plane is occasionally receiving bad input from the COM port. Do you have any USB hardware you could try to see if it affected as well? If not, we can't try to debug it without COM hardware.

One other possible factor: have you used the Aerolite at all? We have found a bug with nosewheel & toe brakes after using it that will be fixed in the next update.
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Hey Guys,

No I have not touched the Aerolite at all...

I did find that the IXEG was putting the nose wheel steering on the the yoke axis. I did connect my saitek x55 joystick up and xplane mapped the stick per profile...all good...it has the steering and rudder on the twist axis.

Now here is the weird part....I left all my PFC hardware connected and just plugged in the saitek....all the axis seeing both controllers....elevators, ailerons, and rudder with nose wheel on the twist axis of the saitek. But now I also had the nose wheel steering on the PFC rudder pedals as well....but I can't use both sets of controllers..so unplugging the saitek at this point, I now had the nose wheel steering with the PFC pedals...sweet its working....

So to test, I exit out and reload the sim, reload the default baron, and the nose wheel is back on the ailerons......bummer....so I just plugged in the saitek stick, did not touch anything and immediately unplugged the saitek and the nose wheel stayed mapped to the PFC pedals.

So for now this is my work around for the problem....load the sim...load an aircraft...plug and unplug the saitek and I'm good to go...nose steering is on the PFC rudder axis.

As to the freak out of the axes, yes the COM port is sending bad data to xplane. As i said in the video I need to clean the potentiometers in the yoke...that is exactly what you see when the pots are getting dirty or need replacing. I do have a new set of potentiometers for the yoke but need to do mod's on the mounting brackets...different hole spacing old vs new parts.

I have started to plan for replacement of these controllers with the new PFC USB gear with the hall sensors in about three to five years...This hobby can get expensive!

Let me know if you guys want me to test anything out or make another video to explain better with seeing it in the sim.

Thanks guys,


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