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Hi, I've been using the x-plane mobile app for a couple years and I'm planning on getting the pc version as sort of a Training until I can start taking lessons to get my PPL. I don't know much about computers and I'm sort of learning as I go along so I appreciate your patience in advance.

The problem is my current pc is 15 years old and is obviously nowhere near to being capable of running X-plane 11, so I'm planning on just building a new one. Now I looked at the (recommended) system requirements and I'm wondering if the software will run sufficiently using an nvidia 4gb gtx 1050 gpu with DirectX 12, If I throw in an intel 3.7ghz i3 CPU. I qunderstand it would perform exceptionally with the recommended system requirements but I'm on a budget. I just want to know if there would be any noticeable nuances in the gameplay. Keep in mind I plan on using this pc solely for flight simulation/training purposes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello! My laptop, a 1 year old Windows 10 with a 4GB RAM card, works well with X Plane 11. However, keep in mind that when flying larger, more detailed aircraft, you'll have a very significant frame rate change. If you're using the simulator for flight training purposes, I highly recommend turning all ground based graphics settings down to optimize your frame rate. There may be some lags and crashes, but other than that it will function just as well as more powerful devices.