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I finished a "pilot project" running the latest 11.20 vr beta using an iPhone 6+ with a Noon headset, iVRy, and SteamVR.  The Noon headset didn't provide a good image (I wear glasses), so I bought an Oculus Rift yesterday and installed the Oculus app successfully today, playing around in the tutorial to verify it is working correctly.

I can't get X-Plane to load in VR.  It loads without VR, but if I then select VR it hangs up on the VR "re-load"; the  progress bar at about half-way.

I'm running Windows 10, an NVIDIA 1080 GPU into which the Rift HDMI cable is plugged.  My monitor is connected to the mobo HDMI port (I adusted the bios so that the computer uses the Intel GPU for the monitor).  This was the configuration that I used to run the Oculus setup and training program.  I have 16 GB; task manager reports that X-Plane is consuming 39% (a little more than 6 GB) trying to load VR.

X-Plane 11.20 runs fine in "other than VR" mode.

I tried a second time, launching the Oculus app first.  The image in the headset view reported a problem with X-Plane loading.
What am I doing wrong or not doing?  The only programs that are running during load are Oculus Client and X-Plane.

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Have you tried restarting the entire machine? There are a lot of processes and subprocess involved in VR between X-Plane, Oculus, or Steam, or a combo of any of them, so often the fastest "fix" is to restart the computer. Then try again and attach the log.txt if it still won't work.