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I can't steer most ac nose wheels anymore after update to 11.20.

What is wrong?

Can anybody help?

Also my third party ac do not work anymore (Colimata F18, Trident Tornado).

Thank you.

Regards, Thilo
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I have the same problem since the last update to 11.20. My rudder pedals and all XP11 aircraft, (default and third party) had previously worked fine before the update. No changes to settings or installed plugins. I also have my previous copy of XP10 on the same computer and the nose wheel steering works fine with all the same equipment as used with XP11. I have to use differential braking to taxi with XP11. Not surprising when flying tailwheel or Cirrus aircraft but not expected with a 787.

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Check the joystick settings or the profile to make sure it's set up as you expect. I did not see any issue with nose wheel steering with an axis set to nose wheel or to yaw on a couple default aircraft.

I was able to start a flight with the FA-18, so you will need to be more specific about how they "don't work."
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Hello and thank you.

After searching the forum I could find some hint that helped me out of it.

I removed the files in this directory:

\\X-Plane 11\Output\preferences

Better, I made a back up and deleted then all files inside of it.

I lost all assignments but later on I copied the old file back and it worked.

Hope this helps other users too, after update to new releases.

Regards, Thilo

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