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Dear honourable X-Planers,

as stated above, X-Plane 11 wants an activation key when launching a flight. Since I use the Steam version, I (obviously) dont have any key and hence, can not use the software anymore. Funny enough, I already used it for almost 100h without problems, so the activation key prompt just appeared literally over night.

  • Verifying the file integrity via Steam,
  • completely uninstalling and reinstalling it and
  • deleting th DRM-files in the AppData\Local\ folder

had absolutely no effect. Still can not use what I paid. Help would be highly appreciated.

closed with the note: Works again, the key was for a dlc, not the base game (which was not mentioned anywhere)
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Hello dear.

The same thing happened to me last night. I installed some updates and then I asked for the activation key. That the provider is Steam, and the seller is a well-known internet site, from which he sends a message to help me, and he has indicated that he indicates it in "Cd-key". Apparently there is no such license. How have you done to activate it back? since I do not have much intention of
uninstall and download back on Steam. Thank you very much.