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Hi I've just downloaded the new stable version and my usual Peruvian Sceneries are not loading anymore, there is nothing on the Log.txt that can give me a hint, but there is a label "3D" Feature when a I choose the airport, the airport that doesn't have the 3D feature load correctly. Please help me with this, because those sceneries is the reason why Im flying this sim.
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Make sure the custom scenery is listed in the log.txt first. Then, check the scenery_packs.ini file in the Custom Scenery folder for them. 

The file has the following rules:

  • Packs are loaded in order of the file – the first pack in the file is the highest priority.
  • When X-Plane runs, it removes from the file any packs that are missing.  (If you delete a pack, the list is auto-updated.)
  • When X-Plane runs, it adds to the top of the file any new packs it discovers that are not listed (in alphabetical order).  So if you install new scenery, it is installed at highest priority.
  • If you delete the file, the file is completely rebuilt, as if all packs are new.  You should probably never do this.
So, you can edit this file to make sure they have a high priority and show up over any default scenery. More info available here (it says X-Plane 10 but still applies for 11).
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Thank you but I found the problem. The Globar Scenery folder came up again with the update and all I had to do was delete that folder.