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While downloading the newest upgrade to XPlane 11, something went wrong and my program stopped working.  I want to re-download the program and start again, but don't want to pay for the program again.  How do I do that??

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Hi jlandry,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I strongly suggest you make a backup of your system when you get it up and running.

Delete what you have downloaded/installed at the moment so you can create a new clean download.

Go to the X-plane website and download the demo version of the program and set the program up as if you are performing a trial version.  During the opening of the program you will be asked or given a number of prompts.  One of the prompts will ask for the "program key" supplied at the time of purchase.  Enter the "key" and the program then runs as if it is the full operational version without any other restrictions ie the demo becomes the full version once you enter the program key.

Good luck.


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