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Why does the front half of the canopy this shade of white. 

I'm in 11.20

Here is what i have tried:

.Verify Integrity of game files

.Moving ASK 21 out of directory then verifying game files

.Updating/Checking Drivers

.Playing with settings

. Even a full reinstall

However none of these have worked, and it really bugs me !

Any help is appreciated :)


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This looks like a change between versions. This is filed as a bug (XPD-9214) for the artist to investigate. That number will be listed in release notes once fixed.
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Hi there, I believe this bug has still not been fixed, will it be soon ?
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This has been marked to be fixed in the 11.30 update.
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Great news thanks for the reply !
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Is there any ETA for the 11.30 update ?

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