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Hi there,

I love X-Plane but there is one thing really frustrating me right now - variable winds.  In the real-world, variable winds do not change direction every second or two, but in the Sim they do exactly this.  It leads to extremely difficult handling, even in a 737 with a 3 knot variable wind, as the winds act as if there was severe windshear.  

Please please can you make variable winds operate a bit more realistic?  I've seen lots of feedback on this - going back some years now - and yet the problem remains.



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I totally agree with you. When there are variable winds, It starts slapping aircraft. For example, the metar wind is like 340V050 and in the game wind changes 340 to 050 then 050 to 340 every second interval. It is worst than windshear. It makes impossible to land.

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