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Some keyboard shortcuts work (for example: Shift + 7), while others do not (alt + t), do not even work "G" and "B" (chassis and parking brake), although they worked yesterday. I also wanted to know if it's possible to russify X-plane 11, now it's Russian, but for some reason most of the words are in English.Help me please.
Одни сочетания клавиш срабатывают (например: шифт + 7), а другие нет (альт + т), даже не работают "Г" и "Б" (шасси и парковочный тормоз), хотя вчера работали. Также хотелось узнать, можно ли руссифицировать X-plane 11, сейчас стоит русский язык, но почему-то большая часть слов на английском. Помогите, пожалуйста.

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If the key assignments worked before, something has changed them. Did you install any add on that might change key or button assignments? If not, you can get defaults back by deleting X-Plane keys.prf in the preferences folder.
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Didn’t install anything, there is “b” for brake in but it doesn’t work. I reinstalled game, it has worked but after some time the problem repeated. I deleted file, it doesn’t work.